Ha yeon soo and kang ha neul dating

Ha yeon soo and kang ha neul dating

Kang Ha-neul was an actor that enough people know in the musical scene. Music dramas are actually genres that actors would not dare take up unless they are fully equipped and prepared to because you need to both act and sing well. Plus, not everybody gets the main character role.

That works for me, though the Ha yeon soo and kang ha neul dating triangle bit was absolutely compelling. But if you ask me whether I prefer a love triangle to go all the way to the end when someone is bound to end up heartbroken and alone, or for it to yield to two happy ending pairings, I would always choose the latter.

The more the merrier, right? But for the fans of Monstar that still hold out hope for a Sun Woo-Se Yi ending, perhaps this will make your day. For Monstar, her character has been associated with milk since episode one — after stalker Seol Chan chased her all over the neighborhood in his hare-brained attempt to return her cell phone and Sun Woo decked him for freaking her out, Sun Woo took her to a cafe and got her some warm milk to calm her down.

Then in episode 3 when Seol Chan and Se Yi went to have some milk, literally after he used it as an excuse to keep hanging out with her, when she got a milk mustache and licked it, poor Seol Chan almost had conniptions with the naughty thoughts that popped into his brain. To keep this milk streak going, Ha Yeon Soo has a new milk and cheese CF coming out next week that capitalizes on her newly acquired fondness for milk.

Check it out and enjoy! Too right you are koala! Poor baby was sweating buckets and coughing a bit during the performance as per audience members who were close enough to see that. Must be tired out filming and rehearsing and performing too! Adding up the preparation for their upcoming 2nd full album. They not might be the OTP in Monstar but in here they really "Ha yeon soo and kang ha neul dating" a lovely couple.

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Monstar Alterna-OTP of Ha Yeon Soo and Kang Ha Neul in New Milk CF | A Koala's Playground

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Kang Ha Neul Is Adorable With His 'Like For Likes' Co-Star Esom In 1st Look

Does physical attraction ever go away?

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    Korean media are speculating about a possible relationship between the two "The Girl's Grave" actors.